Apparently, the Singapore girls aren't the attraction they used to be. I grew up around the airline industry - my dad worked for British Airways his entire working life - and I remember 'knowing' that there was no way that any of the european airlines were going to reach the service excellence that the Singapore or Cathay did. There was some thing special that they had, that we just did not.

No longer, according to an article in Bloomberg Businessweek. The world's best airline is Qatar, and Singapore hasn't won that award since 2008. The article quotes Skytrax spokesman Peter Miller: "We are seeing a more level playing field in product standards as many carriers seek to match Singapore'. It turns out it wasn't something special. It was something replicable.

The number one in your industry does not have something special. The number one in your team even, doesn't really have something special. Talent is not everything. Hard work and a desire to reach that standard counts for a lot. The airlines have proved it by obtaining the je ne sais quoi that only Singapore had. If you want to be that good, you can be.