First Job Fundamentals - The Podcast Series For A Successful First Job, Now Available


First Job Fundamentals, the podcast series designed to help you be most effective in your first role is now available. Buy now to benefit from this knowledge, or to share it with someone who needs it, BEFORE there's any chance to make the mistakes that hold you back.

What's in it?

13 shows, each of which shares a piece of what it takes to be successful at work. From the definition of success to maximising your time by minimising administration, from professional communication to the right attitude.

13 detailed, specific, actionable casts to make your first job a success. Every one of them tells you exactly what to do and say, helping you develop into an effective professional and a valued member of your bosses' team, FAST. We also tell you what NOT to do and say - you won't be falling into the traps that others fall into!

In addition, we explore and explode the myths of the workplace - the things you've been told, which executives know to be false.

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This is what we'd tell our mentees. Now you can have all that knowledge too.

Show Notes?

 Hello --

Are these just podcasts or show notes too? I have some employees who could really benefit from this, but as non-native English speakers, they would need the show notes to get everything out of it.

Great idea guys, love the show!


Shownotes and Slides Too!

Hi Phoeberock,

yes, there are shownotes and slides for all the shows too.

Thank you for your kind words!