Staying In Touch - Examples

Questions This Guidance Answers: 
  • What do I say when I'm keeping in touch with my network?
  • What do I say when I call?
  • What message should I leave on a voicemail?

Examples of what to say when you're 'staying in touch'.

The 'How To Build Your Network' cast is Wendii's Most Important Cast. When asked why, she said, because everything we ever say always comes back to having a strong network. Whether it's a new job, or how to do something, or support for your idea, having relationships within and without your organization is essential to your success.

We often get asked though, 'what do I say?'. And in this cast, we're going to give you some examples, so you know exactly what to say.

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This is the podcast I never knew that I always needed.  Thank you so much! 


I have been putting off reconnecting with people in my "network" for so long I was starting to feel like it was better off letting things lie.   But then, last week, I finally decided enough was enough and I put 2 hours in my calendar (every quarter) to reach out to my contacts using some of the examples in this cast.

I constructed very short, obligation free emails to every one and sent them out.  For a few of the more dormant contacts I actually decided to be honest and say that I was sorry I had neglected some really good people in my life but that I wanted to correct that.   I didn't expect (or even particularly want) a lot of responses back - they were just notes to say hello.

I've got to say it was so nice to get many warm emails back, some from people I didn't expect to be so enthusiastic about hearing from me.   The older I get the more I'm appreciating relationships of all kinds, and I have to say reconnecting just felt good.  

I suppose I'm writing this just to encourage my fellow slackers - there was a reason I respected and liked those people in the first place, and it made my week to be reminded of that.

Thanks guys.  It's true: say something 7 times and people will think they heard it once! :)



My two cents

I like staying in touch with my network and even if someone calles it politics, I always feel nice when someone else calls me just to check how I have been. It means that this person thought of me and thinks I am an important part of her network. It is an acknowledgement I want to give to the people in my network as well.


I really enjoyed this podcast. There are lot of materials that one can read about ways to stay in touch. I liked your podcast as you had examples on "How to" do certain things.

I read the book "Never Eat Alone" and Keith mentioned about "Pinging". Pinging someone is very important and you explained it with some nice examples.