Be Understood


Donald Rumsfeld gives his advice on running good meetings in Bloomberg Businessweek. He starts with what we would agree is the most important item: start on time. He adds, finish on time too, which we'd agree with too.

Later he says, 'the reason for talking is to be understood' - which of course made me think of our recent High I and emails cast. What most of us do, most of the time, is just talk - or type. We don't think about how the person we're communicating with will understand our message.

As hard as it is for me, as a high D, to write someone's name at the beginning of an email and to finish with regards, Wendii, if they started their email with my name, I do it. And the results of that simple change, convince me that Rumsfeld is right. The small change is worth it. There is no point in talking, if you're not going to be understood.