Declining An Offer

Questions This Guidance Answers: 
  • What do I say when I want to decline a job offer?
  • How long can I take to decide about a job offer?
  • Should I stay in touch when I decline a job offer?

Our guidance how to effectively turn down an offer.

If you've only ever received one offer at a time, then the thought of turning down an offer might be quite odd. However, the more you listen to Career Tools and make yourself into a desirable candidate, and the more you listen to the Interview Series and ASK for offers, you will soon find yourself in the enviable position of turning down offers.

It's totally possible to turn down an offer, continue to have a great relationship with the company and the hiring manager and get another offer from them later. Your aim is to decline the offer, gracefully and professionally, and avoid doing anything which irritates the hiring manager.

So, how do you do that?

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Just In Time?

Gah, I've been looking for a cast on this very issue for the past two weeks! Let me say I love MT and CT and live my professional life by your advice.

I was in a position where I wanted to turn down a 45% pay bump for a position at a new company. The role is more in business development than my current role (product management). My boss came back with a counter (less money but a better role) AND I had a full ride to a top MBA program in hand... but after a ton of thought, I accepted the new position a few days ago, taking into account your advice about successful execs moving horizontally across their careers.

I'm not going to do this, but can you guys sound off on how bad it is to reneg after you've accepted a position? Is there a way to do this professionally or is that bridge just burned?