Resume Accomplishments Examples - Part 1

Questions This Guidance Answers: 
  • How do I write accomplishments on my resume?
  • How do I write my accomplishments on one line?
  • What does verb, result, method mean?

Our guidance how to create accomplishments for your resume, and ten examples.

We have several casts on resumes, and the Resume Workbook, but we still get questions on the forums about how to create accomplishments.

In this cast, after a quick reminder on how to create your accomplishments, we're going to give you ten examples of great accomplishments.

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Resume Accomplishment Examples Cast


Thank you for continuing to produce great and informative casts.
I just finished listening to the Resume Accomplishments Examples casts and I must say after developing my resume over two years ago, based on your recommendations and with the assistance of your review service, I found that I can still tweak my list of accomplishments to make them stronger and have more impact. The information you presented helped me identify areas where some of my accomplishments tend to blend a bit with my responsibilities.
Again, thank you for continuing to provide guidance of the highest quality.  It has lifted my level of professionalism in many areas and I continue to learn.  Keep up the great work.
Best Wishes,


Great information

The information on this cast express a high level of interest and knowledge. It gives us the idea on how to improve the quality of our resume which will definitely increase our chances to have the best results in our desired professional goals.-