When you can't do anything else...


I got on a train during rush hour this week. I had a book to read, but at the first station the train stopped at, half of humanity seemed to get on, and I couldn't read my book. I didn't have space to hold it up in front of me.

Instead, I amused myself by picking out the DiSC profiles of my fellow train-travellers. Man next to me, with Facebook up on both his Blackberry and his iphone? High I. Across the way, the lady instructing people to move down the carriage and telling them again when they didn't get it done to her satisfaction? High D. Man who carefully waited for his turn to leave the train and then apologised when someone else got it wrong? High C .. or an S.

WMarsha1 wrote in the forums after he attended one of our Effective Communications Conference: "I see behaviors". Once you start looking you do see behaviors everywhere. And after a while, you stop looking and just know. And, if you're bored, it's great fun to practice on public transport.