The Other Way Works Just Fine


A couple of weeks ago, IBM announced that Ginni Rometty would be their new CEO. There's been plenty of comment about the fact that she's the 18th woman CEO in the Fortune 500 and about what that says about our society. That wasn't what I was really interested in - though it's good to know that had I wanted to be CEO of IBM, I could have been.

What was interesting to me, was that she spent her whole career at IBM. She interned there and later joined the company as a systems engineer. There's lots of career guidance out there, that will tell you staying in one company for your whole career is a mistake. There's people who will tell you that the way to achieve seniority and salary increases quickly is to change roles and companies often - sometimes as often as every year to eighteen months.

And, it's true, that does work for some people. But as Ginni proves, the other way works just fine too. It's all about finding the right place and the right method for your career. (The other way works just fine is one of Horstman's laws. You can see the rest here:

Where is Law #9

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I love this document, the explanation paragraphs and Actions are great at clarifying the intent behind the Law. I do wish it were updated as Mark adds new Laws. I know he's talked about the 9th Law "Embrace Reality" several times. I would like to see the explanation and Actions for this law also.


Canyon R