What Not To Do...


I was reading an article entitled 'What to include on your not-to-do list' in Real Business, when I came across this: 4. Do not turn up to meetings on time. I'm not a fan of list articles anyway - they're usually to shallow to be useful - and reading this I took a sharp intake of breath, getting ready to rant to whoever was in the room.

The guidance however, was not to turn up late, but instead to be 15 minutes early for every meeting. In that time, you can gather your things, gather your thoughts, and most importantly for Manager Tools managers make time to meet people and build relationships.

I don't agree with al the advice in the article, but number 12 works for me too: Don't get in the negative feedback habit. As we say at conferences, 95% of what happens in your organizations is good - but you want 95% of your feedback to be negative. Don't start down that slippery slope. Notice the positive.


The stop-doing list

I've had some success over the past year with something similar a 'stop doing' new year's resolution list. Instead of just committing to starting stuff at the beginning of a new year, you commit to also stopping stuff.

One of the things I committed to stopping was checking my personal email at work constantly. This is also mentioned in the Real Business list. Now I use a simple timer on my desktop to block off periods where I can't check my gmail. My productivity has definitely improved.