Understanding The Job Market


Everywhere we look, it seems there are dire predictions and ever-worsening news about the job market. The news may or may not be good, but there are two things to remember about the information you see about number of available jobs.

One, good news doesn't sell. The number of jobs at any one time is just statistics, and we all know, there are lies, d*mn lies and statistics. No matter the numbers, they can be twisted to look bad. Two, the general job market doesn't have much to do with you. How many jobs there are in the entire economy isn't really relevant to your specialism, your level and your location.

I recently read an article about the employment brand at BP. They did a survey a year ago, and 80% of the people they surveyed didn't know they were hiring, or that other big oil companies were hiring. They knew that Google and Microsoft and other tech companies were hiring, but not about oil. There are 381 jobs in the US on BP's website today. If you're part of the 80% that didn't know BP was hiring, and there's even one opportunity there which would suit your skills, that's one less role you've applied for.

Multiply that by all the industries that we don't know are hiring, and we start to see there's a lot more opportunity out there than the news would have us believe.