Lazy Delegation


An article in September's Inc magazine interviews the creators of Blogworld & New Media Expo. The interviewer asks: "Lots of businesses either hand their socia-media efforts to young employees or outsource it altogether. Good idea?" The answer is: "You have to do this yourself. You can't hire someone to do it for you. Would you take a kid out of college or an intern and make him your CMO?"

This is a great point. There's a lazy habit we've seen in companies where work is allocated according to arbritary rules. "We'll give all the detail work to Bob. He's quiet". "We'll give the customer work to John. He doesn't have a family, so he can travel more". "We'll give the design work to Steve. He went to art school or something". And, "We'll give that social media/technology stuff to Bill. He's young".

When Manager Tools talks about delegation, we talk about allocating work according to: what the person wants to do, what
you want them to do, what they need to learn and/or what they're good at. None of those are 'he's young' or 'he's not got a family'. It actually takes time and attention to decide who to give work to, if you want it to be effectively done.