Developing Internal Relationships (The When & How) - Part 1

Questions This Guidance Answers: 
  • What do I say when I want to meet new people?
  • What opportunities do I have meet new people?
  • How do I make time to keep in touch?

This cast gives a guide for when to develop the relationships you identified in the Developing Internal Relationships - The Where cast.

In our first Developing Internal Relationships cast we helped you identify your current network and judge how effective it was. We also helped you identify the people you need to meet in order to round out your network.

When you listened to that cast, you might have asked: if I haven't come across those people yet, how am I going to meet them? In this cast, we want to give you some ideas for when and how you can start those relationships.

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Great cast as usual

I just heard this podcast.

I in the past had the problem to introduce myself. I was too shy, but since I listen Mike and Mark podcasts I doing what they suggest. Not easy, but also not so hard. 

What I have found, is that many times when I say HI I am José Ramón nice to meet You, they don´t say their name even when the conversation is over and you tell their name again. Now I learned a new thing to ask and I'll do it.

Once again Mark, Mike, Wendii, Maggie and all in Manager Tools, thank you for all the guidance and help you do. 

Wish YOU all always the best

José Ramón

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