Build Your Network


We often hear people say 'I know I should be keeping in touch and building my network, but...' And, I'll confess, I'm not much better at it than anyone else.

An article in the September Issue of Inc made me think again about the amount of effort I put in, though. In it, they describe an afghani interpreter who works at the Kabul Military Training Center, facilitating communication between the US and Afghani armies. He's also pursuing a degree in business administration.

In the article he says: "his success on the job depends upon building a close rapport with US Army officials. "I still have a connection with even those who have gone back to the States". If he can build and maintain a network, I can and you can to.

Attitude to LinkedIn

I'm always suprised with some of my friends attitudes to building a network on LinkedIn. Some of them seem to think that LinkedIn will require the same amount of time they put in to Facebook. Of course debating the value of the time they are sinking into Facebook is a whole other story - but there's a perception that LinkedIn is just as much work.

Has anyone else found that?