Internal Interviews

Questions This Guidance Answers: 
  • How do I prepare for an internal interview?
  • Should I wear a suit to an internal interview?
  • How do I answer questions in an internal interview?

This cast gives our guidance on what is the same and what's different about internal interviews.

Internal interviews can be tricky. In particular, those which are for promotions or roles in your team or a team very close to yours. If you know the hiring manager or managers well, and you see them every day, it can be difficult to know how to dress and how much to say. The guy knows your strengths right? And he knows you don't come to work every day in a suit, so he's going to think you're an idiot for wearing one. Well, no and no actually. Here's our guidance.

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Absolutely no disagreement

I work in one of those places where people don't wear suits (most of the time).  I've listened long enough that when I had an internal interview, I did (most) of what was in the cast, including wearing a suit to the interview.  It was absolutely the right choice.  Someone who now works with me and someone who now works for me both commented that it signaled to them that I respected this opportunity and this organization and took the opportunity to work here seriously. 

Spot on

I wore a suit to an internal interview today and it felt spot on.

Prior to listening to this cast (and actually after having listened to it for the first time), I had no intention of wearing a suit. After a second time time through, I realised most of the reasons I had for not wearing one, were in fact just excuses.

Thanks for your sound (and convincing) advice.

Keep up the great work.