Write A Job Advertisement - Part 1

Questions This Guidance Answers: 
  • What do I need to include in a job advertisement?
  • How do I make a job advertisement appealing?
  • How do I stop inappropriate applicants for my open role?

This cast gives our guidance on how to write a job advertisement.

Writing job advertisements is a job which managers love to delegate. They think it involves creativity and therefore must be difficult and takes lots of time they don't have. Like everything, those of us who have written lots of advertisements know there is a formula.

Once you know how, it's easy.

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Clearly don't want me then

 Maybe it's a "Two nations separated by a common tongue" thing but those suggested openings would have me skipping to the next advert straight away.  When I've seen adverts starting out with a line like "Want to be on the fast track to software management" or "Want to be part of a global delivery system" a little digging has revealed that either they're not advertising a job at all but a course that they hope you'll pay to go on so as to get a job or it's a "just this side of legal but only by a hair's breadth" Multi-Level Marketing scheme.




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Why is the Extra Content marked as being for Career Tools Individual License holders?  Writing a Job Advertisement is more MT content, no?

Hiring in Career's tools ?

as BAUERG, I am surprised that the cast is not in MT, Hiring is surely a key part of the Manager's role