The Manager Tools Promotion Standard: 150% - Part 2

Questions This Guidance Answers: 
  • How do I get my directs ready for promotion?
  • When should I promote my directs?
  • How do I make promoted directs successful?

This cast concludes our conversation on a more effective way to set standards for getting one of your directs promoted.

  1. The Manager Tools Promotion Standard: 150% of Their Existing Job
    1. 100% of Their Job - Top Performance
    2. 50% of Your Job - Grow-ability
  2. Here's How:
    1. Delegate
    2. Look For Visibility
    3. Coach on The 50%
    4. Consider Reassigning Responsibilities
  3. This is a VERY High Standard - Few Meet It

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Another flaw in a matrix organization


I work in a matrix organization and while listening to this podcast I naturally thought about how it fits my environment.

In short: hardly.

In a matrix organization everything is specialized to the extent there are no positions parallel to mine and the only way for my directs to get promoted is to replace me. There are no "other divisions" or "other product lines" just various roles (careers from programmer to IT director, from ad buyer to marketing director &c.)

So why should I bother?


1. I do all the four parts of MT trinity, including coaching

2. It's just that I need them becoming better at what they do now not at what they will do when I'm sacked

3. I did what you suggest while working for another company as an interim director but that is totally another thing, my contract was time limited and my job was exactly to leave a working department.


Also Matrix

Was going to post the question about how this applies to a matrix organization and was comforted that I'm not alone in my question.

Being the functional manager,but not the project manager, for my folks, it is hard to delegate work directly to them that are my duties.  As an office manager, those tasks are more overhead tasks and not technical or project related.  I am happy to delegate those, but it would prepare them more to be an operations manager, than the next step in the project manager series.  Granted that many of the developmental tasks (running meetings, preparing debriefs, etc.) are applicable, it may feel like a stretch.

So, do I work with their project managers/principals to delegate some of their work or do I coach my direct to talk the pm/principal out of some of their work?

Other thoughts on how to make this work in a matrix?