Owning The Inputs - Part 1

Questions This Guidance Answers: 
  • How do I make sure people do the work they say they will do?
  • How do I stay out of trouble when I'm depending on others?
  • How do I ask people to complete work on time?

This cast recommends how to handle a direct who blames another direct for their failure to deliver a task on time.

If you've ever had a direct who blamed another direct for their failure to complete a task on time, this cast is for you. As in, this cast is for every manager who has ever managed. It's so common, if you've never managed, we ought to ask you how long it takes to have it happen to you once you become a manager. As the movie line says, "there's never an egg-timer around when you need one.";

But what's the right way to handle this situation? Do we talk to the other direct? Do we give instructions to the direct we're talking to? Do we ask them questions about what they've done to get the other direct's work? Do we suggest solutions? Nope.

Here's what we do:

  1. Give Negative Feedback About Missing Deadlines
  2. Give Negative Feedback About Owning The Inputs
  3. Some Phrases That May Be Helpful
  4. Be Prepared To Use The Shot Across The Bow
  5. Pay Attention To Those Who Regularly Cause Others To Be Late
  6. For The Future - You Can't Fix Relationships, But You Can Encourage Change

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the shownotes have only one blank page, or am I doing something wrong?





Hi Vadim,

it wasn't you :-) The shownotes had an error in them. They are all fixed now, but if anyone downloaded them earlier today, you'll need to do them again.

Our apologies for the mistake.


demonstration of feedback

I got a smile on my face when Mark mentioned the meetup outside DC where he gave a quick demonstration of delivering feedback. It's true that jaws dropped, including my own.