Presentation Attire - Part 2

Questions This Guidance Answers: 
  • How do I decide what to wear to a presentation?
  • Why is what I wear to a presentation important?
  • How can I stay comfortable during a presentation?

This cast concludes our conversation on how to dress when giving presentations.

The outline of this show and last is pretty simple:

  1. WHY Presentations Matter
  2. Dress Up
  3. Keep it Simple
  4. Get a Haircut/Get Styled
  5. Empty Your Pockets
  6. Minimize Jewelry
  7. Highlight Your Arms

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Extra Content
    Manager Tools Personal License
    Interviewing Series
    First Job Fundamentals   


What black pants, that are light, did you switch from Tommy Bahama silk?

Agreed on role of presentations

Someone once told me that a major key to success is "who knows what you know."  It's not enough to know it (or do it) -- others have to know you know it and have done it.  Presentations are a key way to do that.

In talking to students, one comment I've often made is that I (mistakenly) went into science partly because I hated English class.  Admittedly, most of the reason is that I love science.  However, the top drawers of scientists are mostly good writers and good presenters (at least in comparison to the competition ;-) ).