First Day


One of my recruitment friends told me about a candidate she’d had recently, who started on Monday morning, and Tuesday lunchtime left his resignation on the hiring manager’s desk and left, never to be seen again. This wasn’t someone just out of school who didn’t know better, but a relatively senior individual contributor.

His manager hadn’t been available on the Monday when he started, and the team had been busy. They gave him some reading material and left him alone in a conference room. He didn’t have a desk, a computer or a phone. No-one showed him where to get coffee or where the bathrooms were. Someone did return at lunch and pointed him to the canteen, but apart from that he was left alone for the whole day. The second day didn’t start any better, so he tendered his resignation to his bosses’ empty desk, and left.

I’m sure no Manager Tools manager would act like this. But what a great opportunity a new hire's first day is for your first one on one. It’s the perfect time to ask about their family and their interests, things you won’t have found out about in interviews. It’s a great time to find out what they hope to get from this new role. And it’s fantastic time to spend your 15 minutes explaining about one on ones and feedback. It will give your new hire a much better impression of you than just giving them the HR manual to read.


No wonder that person resigned. It's hard enough to get into a new work environment without the worry of being left alone and without any personal/private space or work assigned.


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