True Story - Proof of Horstman's 2nd Law


Imagine for a moment that you are an IT expert. You work for one of the largest technology companies in the world, in the part of the firm where IT is THE place to be.

Imagine further that, glory of glories, you are working on one of the coolest new products to be introduced to the world in the last 20 years. You're on the team partnering with another cutting edge technology company, known for great products and loyal fans.

And imagine that the communication is so bad that you and your associates are reduced to Google-ing your partner firm to find out what the latest news is about your project....because they never return calls, or answer emails.

True Story.

Bad Communication Hall of Fame.

Mike, Mark. Not surprised. You wonder

Mike, Mark.
Not surprised. You wonder if it is like a corollary to the Peter Principle. Higher, bigger, fancier, reputed, hyped the company, the lesser and lesser are the communication, openness, transparency are the behaviors of the many individuals.

After all, individuals make the pillar for the organizations. Wonder, if it is due to the ego, arrogance or the sense of insecurity!!!.

Great example for how bad communications can be. Wonder if there would ever be Trust, Respect, appreciation between such teams.
Bangalore, India.

Karthik- Well


Well said!


WOW ! That sounds like the company


That sounds like the company that I last worked for. Senior management bragged about deleting our emails, never met with staff in other cities, unless they happened to be there for something that was important to them, and managed by using position power instead of relationship or expertise power. Staff turnover was always high, and now they are blaming the current financial crisis for having to cut costs and lay off 65% of the staff when total head count was about 90 people across all offices.

It is amazing how unprofessional some companies can be! I am so grateful for listening to MT and being more professional.

Congrats on winning again Mark and Mike.