People’s Choice Award Replay Available


If anyone wants to see a replay of the webcast where we won People’s Choice Podcast Award, you can go to:

There’s a video window there. Hit play, and then just wait awhile for the whole thing to load (the bar below it will gradually get darker. If you want to see the entire show, of course, just let it roll).

There are 22 “lower” categories (like Business, Video, Comedy, etc.), which take up the vast majority of the show.

We won Best in Business for the Third Year in a row, and it was announced first of all the categories.

At 6:10 into the show, he starts the awards presentations, and then he announces us winning business, he plays a brief audio clip we recorded, and then I un-mute my phone (all the award winners were dialed into a conference call) and I get to say thanks live on the web. Lasts about a minute.

At the very end, at 90:38, he announces the final award, the People’s Choice. Same deal, he talks, and then I get to say thanks and talk about the show a bit. Our exchange lasts about 5-6 minutes. I meant what I said about being stunned, and feeling fortunate to have such a great audience trying to get better as managers and professionals.

Mike and I ARE truly HUMBLED that so many of you voted for our show. We’re blessed to have an engaged community, and look forward to many more years of serving you.

It’s a privilege.