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For a short period, while we do some maintenance, the Forums will not be available.

We'll have them back up this evening.

Thanks for your patience!


Update: The forums are back up ... thanks for your patience!

New Look

Wow. What a great look! Well done.

I just got 50 messages in

I just got 50 messages in the RSS feed from the forum, and each one was the initial message from a thread.  Are none of the replies going to come across on RSS anymore?

New Look - Wow!

Mark and Mike,

Just did my Monday morning browse to M-T and found the new site layout.

Very nice.

And I think I like the new logo. Simple, doesn't take much to figure out what it's about. I can see the org chart there still and there's an 'M' and a 'T' too!

Well done. The jury's out on the photo though. I can see he's thinking what the heck do I do now? :-) I find myself trying to scroll up because there's no border above the top of the photo.

Thanks for continuiung to improve this fantastic service gents!


Oh creepy, like someone

Oh creepy, like someone swapped my supermarket around - where's the fish counter?

Agree with Pete - is this a photo of a false positive?

Joking aside, this is puts the website up several levels and closer to the quality of the product.

Well done.


new site design

Love it! Great organization; lots of new functionality. Very impressive. Now to explore...


PS. So that's what you had in mind with your request for photos of people actually at work.

Re the photo, I don't see

Re the photo, I don't see anything above his eyebrows.

Also, the site doesn't scale to accomodate enlarged text size so that I can read it easily. 

New Look


An excellent choice and look! It flows well and is easy to follow. Thank you so much for the continued rise in professionalism and appearence.


Mike, Mark, The new site

Mike, Mark,

The new site looks cool and color layout and font is pleasent to the eye. Also the logo has changed.!! Any significance in that?.


Bangalore, India.