Simple Stakeholder Decision Analysis Tool

Questions This Guidance Answers: 
  • Why should I assess stakeholders standings?
  • What should I be considering when assessing stakeholders?
  • How do I use the stakeholder decision analysis tool?

This cast explains a simple technique to consider the impact of decisions on multiple stakeholders.

Decision-making (which is more than choosing!) is a core part of our jobs as managers. But yet again, there's not a lot of training or development spent on it. Everyone hates learning it on their own, but then they visit that same strategy on their directs. Silly. Let's learn how to make effective decisions.

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I hate that enjoy your podcast so much!

I hate that enjoy your podcast so much! Grrrrrr. The ideas and concepts make WAY TOO much sense.

The SSDAT is nifty. The real gem here

The SSDAT is nifty. The real gem here is its use as a development tool for your staff. _That_ is very powerful.


I would really like to try the Simple

I would really like to try the Simple Stakeholder Analysis Tool. I have a couple questions that would really help clear things up for me. I am in upper management in the government sector and we do not sell any products, we provide a service. In the corporate world, my position would be similar to a vice president of a corporation. What would represent a "vendor" in my situation?

Also, what is a "thought leader"? Is this a very influential direct who can sway the opinions of his/her peers or am I off base?

On a side note, I love Manager've saved me on a number of occasions with your ideas and advise. You should consider renaming it Priceless Tools.


SNW629- Thanks for the kind words.


Thanks for the kind words. Glad you're getting value from our work!

A vendor could be either someone external providing services or products that you need to produce whatever you produce or serve to others...or, it could be an internal asset who provides inputs into your processes. For instance, if you were at the State Department doing foreign analysis, it's possible that a vendor would be imaging analysts at DoD or the intel community.

A thought leader is exactly what you described. Sometimes "influencers" aren't obvious to a disinterested third party just from looking at an org chart or a process flow or policy document.

And, it IS priceless! The podcasts are free. We sure are glad to be serving those of you who serve us. It's a privilege.


I used the SSAT document today to help

I used the SSAT document today to help in a big decision involving lots of stakeholders. It was FANTASTIC! Like Mark/Mike have said in previous casts, these things are never taught in companies. Being 27, I am very glad that these casts are around so I don't have to learn the hard way every single time. Everyone has got to use this tool!

With love to Crying babies

Thanks for bringing this topic for everyone of us..

I had been using it but in a little modified way, while working in a team environment I would usually think of crying babies (and some of these babies are politically powerful) these folks have problem with everything, with a thought on how to mitigate their effect OR make a decision non-issue for them.

Second role which I always think of is, "Opinion Maker of the Group" she/he may be a guy cracking jokes around in team or one who has a deep specialist knowledge. This person is your messenger, if you get him right you get the whole team righ. prettymuch!

It is best to identify and get on to right side of relationship with these folks.

- Ashish