The Management Trinity - Coaching

Questions This Guidance Answers: 
  • How do I help my directs improve their skills?
  • How do I find time to coach my directs?
  • What do I do if my direct's skills don't improve?

This cast describes the role of Coaching in the Management Trinity, and makes a KEY recommendation regarding development of directs and performance management.

This week, we cover the Coaching Model's inclusion in the Management Trinity. It's BY FAR the least used of the Trinity. That's too bad, because it only takes 5 minutes a week per direct to coach them. FIVE MINUTES A WEEK! Who would want to go to their boss and say, "I didn't coach my people this YEAR, because over the course of the year it would have taken me 4 hours, and I didn't want to spend that much time on it."

Not if you worked for us. At least, not for long.

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Hi, Mark! Just a note about the

Hi, Mark!

Just a note about the iTunes store, as you were not sure about the data. The iTunes store is the second largest music retailer now (behind Walmart) in the US. And it indeed started in mid 2003. Now that is a great success.


Horstman, If your soapbox gets any


If your soapbox gets any higher Auzenne will have to build an elevator for it. Also please wait at least one minute before you climb it. Just joking great cast as always.

Alan in DC

I am a huge Manager Tools fan and I

I am a huge Manager Tools fan and I always "get" what Mark and Mike are talking about. But this one left me saying "huh?" Despite being one of their longest casts in recent history, they never seemed to give good instructions and examples of what to say and how to coach. I get that coaching is important, but how do I decide what to say in my coaching dialogue with my direct?

paulsage, Sorry, I thought we were


Sorry, I thought we were being clear ... the last couple of casts, to include the one on coaching, are specifically about our theory, or those things that underly our "actionable" casts. If you didn't see a lot of what to DO, it's because it wasn't there!

Although we will be updating or refreshing our actionable casts on the entire Management Trinity, for now, please refer to our previous casts on coaching for the "how to".


Hey Mark and Mike! The Trinity Podcast

Hey Mark and Mike! The Trinity Podcast is my favorite series yet...the analogies were fantastic and I love sharing the podcasts with my peers and directs. I'm not sure for everyone else but I love it when you guys use analogies when describing your techniques as you both do well painting pictures. It also helps from a memory aspect whenever I am working day by day (tectonic plates and volcanoes relating to coaching).

I also appreciate you guys sharing your stories from the field, as a retail manager of a store dealing with two sales departments it's nice to hear about the "larger scope" companies that you encounter and how the same tactics you guys use there I can use as effectively in my location.

Awesome job and thanks! Been listening to you guys for 2 years now!

Jorrian Gelink - Alberta, Canada

[...] Check out the podcast here.

[...] Check out the podcast here. [...]

One of my most favorite quotes by Ken

One of my most favorite quotes by Ken Blanchard is, "When the best leader's work is done, the people say, 'We did it ourselves!'? This is truly the mark of someone who is regularly touching base with their directs, keeping them attached to the vision of the organization, and coaching them along to improved effectiveness.

My personal quote..... "Manage & lead with an open mouth."


How is the process coaching different

How is the process coaching different than development planning with your directs? It feels kinda like short-term development planning.

Coaching applies to any skill at any

Coaching applies to any skill at any time. It is simple a way of setting goals, planning for, and executing against those goals in a COLLABORATIVE way. Development planning is about what a direct needs in the context of organizational growth. Coaching is the best way to achieve the plans laid out in development planning...though, to be honest, most managers don't know how to do development planning.