Accomplishments - Connecting Resumes and Interviews

Questions This Guidance Answers: 
  • How do I translate my resume into an interview?
  • How can my resume help me in an interview?
  • What's useful in your resume when you get to an interview?

Most folks just don't realize HOW important resumes are, and not just as pieces of paper.

In our Resume Cast, we talked about the PURPOSE of resumes: to create an interview. Now just imagine...wouldn't it be great if its value didn't end there? It doesn't! Yes, the resume itself gets you the chance to sell yourself, but buried in the resume are the PERFECT seeds of success, if you've followed our guidance.

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Hi. I think your podcasts are great

Hi. I think your podcasts are great and I am learning a lot. I'm acutally in politics and though your tutorings aren't exactly tailored to my area of work, they are very useful nonetheless. Thanks.

I don't know if I'm having problems my end, but I can't appear to download the mp3 for the registered user podcasts - only being able to play them in a browser. Is this the case or am I missing something.

Many thanks again.

Gavin Webb -

Gavin, Thanks for the kind


Thanks for the kind remarks.

As far as downloads, I'm not aware of any issues downloading files ... I tried it and it worked fine on my end. However, I'm not discounting the possibility of issues. If anyone else is having similar problems, I'd certainly like to hear about it.


Mike Thanks for your email. I'm


Thanks for your email. I'm able to download now. All I had to do was switch my PC off and on and now it works. Who knows what these PCs are thinking :) ?



Hi Gavin, You may want to simply

Hi Gavin,

You may want to simply on the download link and select the 'Save As..' option. This worked for me and initiated the download. Hope this helps!


I have really enjoyed this podcast as

I have really enjoyed this podcast as well as the one on Resumes. As always, very enlightening and helpful.

Don't forget to shout out when you are in Phoenix so I can buy you fellows a beer!!!

Thanks again!


I never actually thought

I never actually thought that resumes can really have such a big impact, so I'm quite surprised from the quality information here. It could be even better to find additional tips and good advice on this website.