Meeting Agenda Template


In our show on Effective Meetings, we discussed how to create an effective meeting agenda. Here's a Sample Meeting Agenda for you (it's in MS Word template format) based on the guidance we provided in the podcast. We've left it in Microsoft Word to allow you to manipulate it, versus making it a PDF file.

If you want to mess around with other formats, we recommend you be very careful of many sites that you can get to by googling "meeting agenda". Many of them fall prey to the bad habit of using durations rather than start times (If they even list times at all), and many don't follow several of our prescriptions.

We like a lot of the samples at the Microsoft Office site. You can get there by googling just "office", then clicking on the MS Office homepage link on Google. Click on Templates on the navigation bar on the left of the page, and on the page that comes up type in "agenda" in the search bar.

You'll note that there's a lot of BLANK SPACE in our sample agenda... that allows you take notes on the agenda itself, and THOSE BECOME YOUR MEETING MINUTES. It takes a time or two to get this habit right, but you will love it once you (and your team members) develop the habit.

We use a table to make everything line up neatly, and we've left the GRIDLINES on the table showing so you can change them if you like. But - GRIDLINES ARE NOT BORDERS. Gridlines just show you where the table is and never print. We urge you to avoid adding BORDERS. Leaving them off makes it easy to take minutes right on the agenda, as mentioned above.

If you can't see our gridlines, switch to Normal or Print Layout to see them. If you don't want them to show at all, on the Table menu, click Show Gridlines.

If you add borders and then want to remove them:

1. Do one of the following:

  • To remove borders from the whole table, click in the table and then, on the Table menu, point to Select, and then click Table.
  • To remove borders from specified cells only Click Show/Hide on the Standard toolbar, and then select the cells that you want, including their end-of-cell marks.

  • 2. On the Format menu, click Borders and Shading, and then click the Borders tab.

    3. Under Setting, click None.

    Download the Manager Tools Agenda Template (Microsoft Word Format)

    Download the Manager Tools Agenda Template (Adobe Acrobat Format)

    [...] Meeting Agenda Template

    [...] Meeting Agenda Template [...]

    Guys. Thank

    Thank you


    Our pleasure.


    I have liked the web-site and podcasts.

    I have liked the web-site and podcasts. It is helpful for me as long-time scientist that has recently transitioned to managing other scientists in a new and larger research program. My first staff meeting, I sat down at the table looked in the eyes of the team and realized they had the look of guppies in the fish tank with a shark. I knew I needed help to overcome their previous experiences with management and figure out how to do it as a high DI person with a team of S and C scientists.

    On-the-spot casual feedback is working well. Most are warming to an idea of regular staff meetings. However, the scientists still resent one-on-one as time away from the bench and an intrusion into their normal well-ordered world. Any thoughts on how to help them, view personal interaction with their manager as a useful part of their monthly calendar?

    Ed Souza

    Ed- Glad you're getting value from


    Glad you're getting value from our work. It's our privilege to serve you in this way.

    The way to gradually increase their view of the utility of the one on ones is to continue to do them. Keep at it, keep at it, keep at it. At some point, something is going to happen - an external edict, a discontinuity, that all will realize the one on ones made less difficult. Remind everyone of it when it happens.

    Something else: the math of one on ones is hard to ignore. What amounts to THREE days of work time over the course of the year seems reasonable for them to spend with you to help you ADMINISTER THEIR SALARY and treat them fairly around benefits and special circumstances.

    That's all the time you'll spend with them this year on O3s... IF you don't miss ANY.

    Doesn't seem like much, huh? Bet they took that much time off for family stuff...


    Mark, Thanks for the fast response.

    Thanks for the fast response. Good point on the math. It will appeal to the technical mindset of my best performers.


    Hi guys, Thanks for all your great

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for all your great pod casts, they are a great help for me, even some of my colleagues have started using them.

    I use a meeting template like yours for some years now. It is has become a 'stationary' document in Lotus Notes. During a meeting I make the minutes on my laptop. Even before the attendees have returned to their desk they will find the minutes in their mailbox. I know I violate some of your meeting rules but I prefer electronics. Main reason is that my handwriting is horrible.

    I have added two columns to the table on the right stating 'who' and 'date' If action is needed a name and a deadline is entered on the spot. Occasionally minutes are displayed on a projector. Apart from getting a confirmation by directly asking someone, it is visible for the whole group.

    On other advantage of displaying the minutes during the meeting is that we have never a discussion on the contents. If I notice that the attention goes to the screen and not the meeting I 'mute' the picture and only show it after a topic has been closed.

    I hope I have made a small contribution to manager tools by sharing my experience here.

    Kind regards,


    Running my first staff meeting

    Running my first staff meeting tomorrow, thanks for the cast and the agenda template. Will be using this format going foward. Thanks for all the great tips and tools.